Kate's Biography

My talent and enthusiasm for performing began in ballet school at the age of 4. I continued to be fostered into the world of dance for several years, and landed my first major role as "Clara" in the Albany Berkshire Ballet's The Nutcracker. It was during this experience that I discovered a different way to communicate artistically ? through acting. I continued to dance throughout high school (and do to this day), but playing "Clara" was when I realized that acting was my real passion.

Soon after, I began working at the NYS Theatre Institute (NYSTI) in upstate NY. My first role there was "Helen Keller" in The Miracle Worker. Later on, I performed for them in London's West End as "Gerda" in The Snow Queen, directed by Patricia Birch and musically directed by Charles Prince. Over the years at NYSTI, I learned the fundamentals of acting, discipline, and to love and respect my work.

I recently received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, which I attended on a presidential scholarship. In addition to studying acting, dance, and voice on the SLC campus, I also got the opportunity to spend my junior year in London (at the British American Drama Academy), learning classical technique and getting my first taste of acting on film.

Now living in New York City, I have continued to study my craft, always striving for that next level. I have worked at NYC Opera, Queens Theatre in the Park, Axis Theatre Company, and the NY International Fringe Festival. I have done a number of voice-overs for radio and television, and have a growing film resume as well. While I have accomplished a lot on my own, I know that I have so much more to give and achieve. I am grateful for my path thus far, but I am confident that, with the help of representation and a few more opportunities to show my work, my career will grow exponentially.

Best regards,