Letters from a Window in the Sky

Kate recently returned from a two-month engagement at the NYS Theatre Institute, where she performed in a one-woman show called Letters from a Window in the Sky. The piece, meant for children of all ages, pays tribute to Pippi Longstocking and her Swedish creator, Astrid Lindgren. In the play, Kate portrayed "Cicilia," a girl in early adulthood on a journey of self-discovery and imagination. Cicilia uses her favorite childhood stories by Astrid Lindgren to dive into her imagination, slowly taking on Pippi-like characteristics, but eventually coming to the conclusion that she doesn't want or need to be anybody but herself!

Letters from a Window in the Sky was a challenging, energetic marathon exercising all of Kate's skills in singing, dancing, emotional range, and communication with young audiences. Look for NYSTI's re-mounting of this production as a tour for schools across New York State, with the help of the Lincoln Center Institute, next spring. Teachers and education professionals, visit NYSTI to get all the information on how to bring Letters from a Window in the Sky to your students!